This post is the consequence of years of studies, gathering information, and finally providing it-all along within one destination

This post is the consequence of years of studies, gathering information, and finally providing it-all along within one destination

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This has cultivated beyond ab muscles narrow purposes of identifying certain changes in the Vega made banjo systems, particularly the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to add whenever the term stamps altered. You will findn’t made an effort to match a romantic date towards serial figures, but that facts — although at best speculative and rough — is available elsewhere, like Mugwumps on the web. The collector/scholar, it’s important merely to learn whenever variations occured. For any customer, it’s important to realize that a musical instrument offered as “all original” probably is actually. Many information here can help.

Most of the tailpieces and lots of of this tuners also originated Waverly

First, you will need to learn several specifics. Virtually all the metal portion for nearly most of the eastern coast banjo makers had been supplied by one company — Waverly Audio Products of New York, NY, running a business from prior to the turn associated with 100 years until the seventies once they happened to be obtained by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. We questioned Waverly’s then holder, a Mr. Lomb — son and grandson regarding the creators, at the beginning of 1970 when he had put the company up for sale. The guy explained that Waverly, for who he had worked since their pre-teens, have offered the majority of the metal elements and items toward banjo makers. In his working area he showed me lots of designs, cutters, methods, and dies used in putting some walnuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount and all of the conventional crazy we keep company with the large designers. Waverly also produced a lot of, varied, stretcher bands, the simple metal hoops used in build bands regarding the inexpensive instruments, several with the parts that gone in to the more contemporary tone bands. They even generated the various shoes and hooks, from Cobra hooks utilized on very early Fairbanks on the modern dull and spherical hooks. There happened to be people creating some components try indisputed, but Waverly generated most of it. I don’t know when they generated the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone assemblies or if perhaps some of the components are made locally right after which put together at Vega — more apt example.

Chances are that Vega couldn’t stamp the serial amounts on a rim until last set-up, before it had been prepared to end up being sent. Considering that the wheels had been assembled individually from the necks, and because Vega produced marketed different types (5 string, tenor, electric guitar, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) it stands to reason that the serial quantity wasn’t afixed till the neck and rim had been mated. This would explain precisely why some wheels need hardware and specifications following the energy whenever some components were disountinued. This indicates particularly so for your early in the day Vega # 7’s and #9’s which clearly purchased in small quantities, in addition to assembled rims might relax for some time. It doesn’t give an explanation for apparent anomolies of label stamps appearing with serial numbers earlier than envisioned. Two feasible details happen to me — there are certainly others. Very first is in fact a reporting error, but I have seen some personally, and already been delivered photos of other individuals. Another feasible description could be your banjo is returned to the factory, provided a fresh neck with newer logo design stamp, but numbered utilizing the older serial quantity. Your thinking on this subject and every other element strongly related this study include welcomed.

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