My family and I came here on New Year’s Eve. We’ve had fish and chips which is so good. We also had shrimp cocktails wherein the shrimp they served was fresh. We really love the right amount of sauce poured into the shrimp and the taste complements well on the fresh shrimp. We also had a garden salad which was fresh and cold the way it should be. Also, the grilled chicken salad was tasty. The staff was really amazing, they are friendly, prompt and helpful. I will definitely come back again. Mussel Men, your service is above my expectation. I salute all of you there for the wonderful job you’ve been doing.


When I came in Mussel Men before, the food was great however my comment today as this was my second visit is about the server who made our dining experience even better by her service and care. She really did a great job. Even though she’s new in the restaurant, it seems like she worked for ages already in Mussel Men. Thank you for being such a great server. We will come back again!


I really love this place! I can’t live without eating seafood at least twice a week. The decoration is wise. There was a welcoming ambiance and professional staff. Fresh seafood will be served straight to your table. For those who complain about everything, please cut it out because you know that’s not true! Clearly, this place is amazing. They are far away from the others that are pricey and not so good. Every time we travel near here, we never missed to stop by and eat a meal. Even though the place is always busy and filled with locals, I’m really ok with that because it’s a good sign that place is doing well. Seafood is always fresh and tasty, service is friendly and efficient. You guys should check this place out. You will never regret coming in Mussel Men.