Installing exactly the same managed addin in 32bit and 64bit Autodesk creator

Installing exactly the same managed addin in 32bit and 64bit Autodesk creator

  • Has got to run off disk aˆ“ no installation needed
  • Very little needs (.NET structure is alright)
  • It needs to work with real files and folders aˆ“ no database or some these types of required. Essentially, I want to operated it and have it immediately accumulate everything on computer, permitting us to categorize the material without move they around
  • Metadata should be stored with physical files/folders. Basically move a folder manually, i’d like they to retain all the categories it belonged to
  • Easy looking around by name, description, class
  • Instantly update installments for instance, it ought to hook up to Winamp webpages and download current setting up if necessary
  • Immediately install training
  • Launch audience for photos, PDF, HTML, etc.
  • Reorganize documents and files

A credit card applicatoin that satisfies the essential criteria might be exceedingly beneficial to me, but i’d in the end wish one that fulfills these further specifications as well. I am honestly considering starting this program as an open supply job, but Im currently overrun with other issues. Nevertheless, In my opinion I might beginning it in the future.

The signal is all C#, gathered as aˆ?Any CPUaˆ?, so it must have no troubles working unmodified with both 64 and 32 little creators

You will find an addin for AutoDesk Inventor 2009, printed in C# and a build venture to go right along with it. In order to enroll the addin sugar daddy dating IA with creator, I needed to register the assembly with aˆ?/codebaseaˆ? change, thus I made a custom installer actions:

The subscription code operate by enrollment service modifies some registry techniques under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT . This worked okay on or windows 7, however when run using my personal Vista 64, the create complete effectively, but neglected to sign up the addin with Inventor. Why turned evident whenever I realized that my personal Inventor setting up normally 64 bit aˆ“ consequently it appears for all the important factors with the 64bit look at the registry, although the installer motion works together with the 32bit view.

The only real problem is how-to manage the installer as 64 little. In addition planned to allow the same MSI to be used on all systems, so compiling numerous forms wasn’t an alternative. And searching the web, I managed to get the feeling that it would not resolve the difficulty anyway aˆ“ about not without other gear.

The perfect solution is I developed now is easier: in the place of using RegistrationServices object, I’m able to by hand carry out the RegAsm.exe instrument to join up the construction. To my Vista 64, there’s two variations of your appliance:

The web directories won’t be exactly the same on more machinery, without a doubt. The good thing is, .NET provides the RuntimeEnvironment.GetRuntimeDirectory() static strategy which returns the folder of typical vocabulary runtime. On my maker, they return C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ in the installer action. We could make use of this, combined with RuntimeEnvironment.GetSystemVersion() to construct the paths to 32bit and 64bit variations from the software:

Moving C++/CLI delegate to native laws

Not long ago I was required to program a C++/CLI set up with an indigenous DLL written in C. It is typically clear-cut, however the C DLL could increase an internal show and given ways to experience the program informed for this occasion. To be updated, the applying has to register a callback work which is invoked by DLL if the event was lifted. The subscription work try announced in this way:

Using a normal purpose for the callback is simple, but i desired to use a .NET delegate to make sure that I could transform the indigenous celebration into a .NET show. This scenario in addition actually is sustained by .NET. All you have to care for is prevent the delegate from being moved or amassed by the rubbish collector.

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