Find the answers quickly on this Frequently Asked Questions page of Mussel Men seafood restaurant website. If you are still stumped, please do not hesitate to message us.

Q: Where is the Mussel Men situated?

A: Mussel Men Seafood Restaurant is located in Tempe, Arizona near the Tempe Beach Park. For directions on how to get to us please click the map. For parking suggestions, please click the ‘parking’ box to check out where you can park your car.

Q: What kind of food is served at the Mussel Men?

A: We offer a menu for lunch, snacks and drinks in the afternoon that are ideal to enjoy on the park, and dinner.

Q: What are your store hours?

A: Mussel Men is open daily regardless of weekends from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Q: Are you open for lunch?

A: Yes, we are open for lunch from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm snacks and 6:00 until midnight.

Q: Do you offer other menu options besides seafood?

A: Yes. We offer selections of food to satisfy every palate so that even the non-seafood lovers can stop by and enjoy our restaurant. Among the non-seafood options that we have include tasty and fresh meat and vegetable dishes. In addition to fresh seafood, we offer a variety of steak, poultry, entrée salads, pasta, dessert and a lot more.

Q: Can you accommodate guests with specific food allergies or someone who might be on a diet or a vegetarian?

A: Our chefs are really great and will do their very best to accommodate specific requests regarding dietary restrictions, food allergies, and others.  If you have those kinds of restrictions, we suggest to contact us in advance so that we are aware of your specific needs. If it happens that you don’t have time to call, please let your server know exactly what your needs are once you step inside the restaurant so that they can advise our chefs.