Crab meat, crab legs, and soft shell crab that are fresh

Crab is a favorite food in the United States because it is soft, sweet, and somewhat salty. We New Englanders know that using premium crab ingredients is the key to making the best crab cakes, stuffing, and crab salad. For this reason, City Fish Market has the freshest assortment of crab meat. You can depend on City Fish Market to sate your crab desires whether you decide to eat it in our dining room or take it home to use in a recipe.

The most restaurant-caliber fish is available in Connecticut at our location in Wethersfield. Many of the best restaurants in Connecticut, Shoreline, Western Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts, and Block Island get their seafood from us. You can order the same fresh catches of fish and shellfish at our seafood counter.

Meat and King Crab Legs

These coveted and challenging-to-capture crustaceans are the king of all crabs, with large, meaty legs and dense, rich bodies. King crab meat tastes best when eaten directly off the shell and slathered in butter, much like lobster. Additionally delicious in omelets and salads, the rich meat.

Meat and Snow Crab Legs

Snow crabs have a delicate texture and a delicately sweet flavor and are smaller than king crabs. They are less intimidating than king crabs and less expensive because they are simpler to catch. When you crave a delicious crab feast, cracking open the legs and slicing into the bodies of these crabs will still satisfy your craving.

Crabmeat for salad and all-leg meat

Don’t worry if the task of removing tender leg meat from the shell doesn’t excite you. Crab salad is available! This leg meat has been pre-shucked for you, so you may consume it immediately or include it in a recipe.

Snap & Eats’ Crab Clusters

Grab a hold of and savor crab leg clusters! You will feel satisfied but not stuffed after eating these crab parts that are ready to eat and have a sizable portion of the body still attached to the legs. The meat can also make dips, stuffings, hot soups, and pasta sauces.

Cocktail and grilling claws

Cocktail and grilled claws form the ideal starter! Because of its delicate texture, claw meat is prized by many crab lovers. Snow crabs produce cocktail claws, whereas the robust red king crab’s right side produces broiler claws. These meat-filled claws have the caps removed and are therefore prepared for consumption.

Shell Crabs, Soft

The most potent flavor comes from soft-shell crabs. These crabs are very fatty and full of flavor because of the molting process, which causes the softness of their shells. The regular soft-shell crab season runs from April through September.

All-Claw Fresh Crabmeat

Claw meat is perfect for soups, dips, crab burgers, and dishes with rich sauces because of its nutty, sweet flavor. The savory flavor profile of this flesh more than makes up for the brownish appearance, which may not be what you expect from crab, given its source.

Backfin Crabmeat Fresh

The white meat from the crab’s body, both insignificant and small, makes up backfin crabmeat. The presentation is still fantastic, even if the pieces aren’t as big as jumbo lump crabmeat. Backfin crabmeat is excellent in quiches, crab cakes, and filling fowl, fish, or vegetables.

Jumbo Lump Fresh Crab Meat

You get what you expect from fresh jumbo lump crabmeat: sizable chunks of delicious white crab body meat. Jumbo lump crabmeat is delectable and makes a beautiful display when used to make meals like crab salad because of its hearty texture and sweet flavor.

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