© Copyright Terry MacKinnell All Legal rights Arranged

© Copyright Terry MacKinnell All Legal rights Arranged

This new previous height out of Barack Obama with the Democratic competitor to own the latest 2008 presidential elections in the usa could have been linked from the some commentators to the Chronilogical age of Aquarius. For most people new 1960s and you may 1970s try age Aquarius (understand the Aquarian age didn’t begin in the fresh 1960’s otherwise ’70s).

I decided to glance at the relationship ranging from All of us presidents plus the generational indicators from inside the Chronilogical age of Aquarius

Although many individuals now regarding the Aquarian many years, and several anyone know that the age of Aquarius follows brand new Age of Pisces, hardly any somebody realize within the Chronilogical age of Aquarius try 12 sandwich-decades. This type of sandwich-years past approximately 179 years each. For the sandwich-ages try twelve small-many years for each sub-age. These mini-ages is whenever 15 years per. These types of 15 years mini-many years supply the generational markers that pick one generation about second.

While the a classic example, anywhere between 1940 and you will 1955 is actually the fresh Sagittarius micro-decades. So it Sagittarian micro-age correlates towards the Child Boomer age bracket. The baby Boomer age group is recognized as to use to those someone created of 1946 towards early sixties – a period of time some more than fifteen years and quite away from stage of your own Sagittarius small-age of the regarding the half dozen decades. Whatever booms should be related to Sagittarius unless of course it is the newest growth out of a gun.

I came across particular interesting correlations whenever all of the All of us presidents was checked out, beginning with George Washington. Both the fresh new voting public keeps choices to particular generations otherwise certain generations are more-portrayed amongst politicians that are running and you will winnings this new presidency (otherwise vice presidency). Instance 42% of all the presidents was indeed born for the Heavens generations (Gemini, Libra and you can Aquarius). 30% of presidents was basically born into the Flame generations (Aries, Leo and you may Sagittarius) when you’re merely sixteen% was produced in water (Cancers, Scorpio and you may Pisces) and you will twelve% from inside the World (Taurus, Virgo and you can Capricorn).

There are an irregular number of Environment, Sky Fire and H2o years offered additionally the adjusted average try 27% for each and every off Heavens, Fire and you can World when you find yourself H2o is actually 20%. It appears the tough carrying out function is unquestionably Planet within 12% that is 15% substandard (Water on sixteen% is 4% substandard). That it disparity between Air and Flame so you can Drinking water and particularly Environment tentatively indicates that political leaders was removed even more off Sky and you can Flame generations and slightly less than mediocre regarding Water and you may notably less than average to own Earth. Alternatively this new voting societal like individuals regarding thaifriendly the Air and Flame years over the Liquid and particularly World years.

Regardless, Air indicates cleverness and intelligence if you are Flame ways dynamism, push and you will leaders. Perhaps this type of characteristics is stamped abreast of presidents from all of these Air and Fire years. Water and Environment cues indicate empathy, susceptibility and you may mercy respectively. These generational characteristics reaches a decreased ebb in the You presidents at this point, especially the functions out of functionality and sensibility.

Exploring the zodiacal signs in the generations indicates that a great deal more presidents is actually born inside Aquarian years than nearly any almost every other signal. 19% otherwise nearly one out of five presidents was basically born in a keen Aquarian age group whereas away from a haphazard analytical study simply 12.5% regarding presidents will likely be born inside the an enthusiastic Aquarian age group.

Sagittarius try with the archetypal layouts from extension, gains, optimism and you can all the best

There are just a couple of you can easily Aquarian years that presidents was created – the very first is 1746-1761 and second 1910-1925. In the 18 th century Aquarian generation is actually presidents Monroe and you may Madison. In the 20 th 100 years Aquarius age bracket are George Plant older, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and you will John Kennedy.

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