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What a great day today! We are glad that you stop by. We hope you find our website bright and useful for your seafood hunting. Mussel Men is a seafood restaurant along Tempe area in Arizona. We served tasty food specializing in seafood products. We have a wide selection of seafood menu in our gallery, please look forward to that. It will give you an idea of the food we’ve been serving.

Mussel Men offers catering services in whatever kind of events you may be planning. We love to work with you, if you want to get our services, kindly send us an email at

Mussel Men always want to hear your thoughts and suggestions about us for us to improve our services further and to better serve. Please do send us a message at We promise to respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for hanging out with us! We look forward to your visit to the Mussel Men Seafood Restaurant.