Best Fish for Grilling

When selecting the best fish for grilling, one factor to consider is which can withstand the heat. Another is the fish’s strength, which prevents it from quickly breaking apart or falling through the grates. Most chefs concur on the best fish to grill based on these and other characteristics. Continue reading for more information and grilling advice from chefs. A true mark of a pitmaster is mastery of the grill when cooking fish.

Fillets of red snapper or snapper

A white fish that is particularly nice for grilling is the red snapper. Most barbecue professionals prepare whole, skin-on snapper. The advantage of grilling fish with the skin on is that it keeps the flesh from drying. Include tasty filling, such as lemon wheels. Using a grilling basket could yield the most outstanding results for beginners.

Snapper fillets are a go-to for grilling experts, and they frequently appreciate marinating the fillets in savory seasonings. Try this mouthwatering grilled snapper with a caper sauce dish.


Any grill master craving the meatiest seafood may choose swordfish. Swordfish cooked over a barbeque pit has a fresh, buttery flavor that is well accentuated. When serving seafood skeptics, this fish with white meat is perfect. Many delicious swordfish recipes, including Grilled Swordfish With Chimichurri, showcase lovely grill marks. Please be aware that swordfish frequently contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is a heavy element that can harm the brain, especially in young children.


Mahi-mahi is a beloved fish for tacos, but it’s also a plump, robust fish that grills well. Mahi-mahi can quickly become tough if overcooked, just like other varieties of seafood. This light, sweet whitefish matches ideally with tropical fruits, citrus marinades, fresh herbs, capers, and lemon butter. Mahi-mahi that has been grilled benefits from the addition of Mexican seasonings. Before putting the mahi-mahi flesh-side-down on the grill, lightly oil the grates over medium-high heat.


Salmon is a versatile fish, and many think that a skilled griller or even a casual barbecue fan makes the best use of it. Salmon, an oily fish, passes the crucial high-heat test. Grilled salmon benefits from the distinctive, smoky flavor that barbecue masters can create. Alternatively, experiment with a marinade recipe.


Tuna is an excellent fish for beginners to grill, whether sliced thick or thin. You may cook a thinner tuna steak to medium rare by grilling it over high heat. An Asian favorite involves fast grilling tuna over extremely high heat, leaving the tuna mostly uncooked and searing the outside. With just salt and pepper, you can’t go wrong. For this recipe for Tuna Grilled Korean-Style, marinate the tuna for two hours to properly satiate your palate.