Balkan Dishes And Drinks You Need To Try

Balkan foods are known to be attached to specific countries and are made of salads, grilled meat, a good number of red peppers, and some delicious dips. These foods are available everywhere within the Balkans; however, Burek differs in every Balkan country. You will not have tried for anything of you move around and fail to get grilled meat.

Tavče Gravče


It is composed of fresh white beans that are oven-cooked, a flavored sauce together with bay leaves. If you want the best taste out of this dish, go for one that is cooked and served in a unique earthenware. This is one of the best foods that are found in the Balkans. Tavče gravče has been the staple dish in Bosnian cuisine as well as Macedonia.

Srpska Salata

try Serbian rakija Srpska Salata dish is mainly found in Serbia. It comprises of onions, raw peppers, and tomatoes that are mixed with vinegar and oil.

It is a traditional Bulgarian salad that is made up of cucumber, tomatoes, and onions dressed with white cheese that is diced. Macedonians also regard it as their national salad.




This is the most loved dishes in the Balkans. It is made up of lamb meatballs that are spicy minced and well-grilled meat. It works well when served in a group of about ten to five pieces. Chopped onions and fried potatoes can pair them perfectly. They originated during the Ottoman period the reason as to why they are popular in southeastern Europe

Mămăligă Cu Brânză Şi Smântână

Among the Romanian nationals dishes is Mămăligă cu brânză și smântână. This dish is made up of boiled cornmeal mush that can be served with fresh sour cream and white sheep cheese. If you want your stomach full, polenta is the best dish. In most restaurants, polenta and cheese is the main dish in the whole of Romania. You can carry it along with you while on a hike.