Actual Title: Jenny Lynn Reyes Nick: PinayLove Website:

Actual Title: Jenny Lynn Reyes Nick: PinayLove Website:

PinayLove/Gallery.htm Mascot: My gold-fish, Comette gender: Female era: 14 Birthdate: July 26 1983 peak: 5’1″ pounds: 90lbs Eyes: brownish Hair: dark Nationality: Filipina Fave tool: My personal possession and Nails Fave Ranma Characters: Akane, Shampoo, and Ranma-Kun Some other Anime: Dragon basketball Z, SailorMoon, Practically all. Place: Seattle, Washington

Name: Megane Hibiki (It really is become much less an alias and an actual title. ) Aliases: Joe Rinaldi ^_^, Lansiron Aseran Homepage(s): None value pointing out Sex: Male. Era: 15. at this time. Birthdate: or something like that like that. Top: around five and a half base. Body weight: Not So big. 120 weight concerns right. Attention: darkish, virtually completely black colored. Locks: Dark. Jet-black. I didn’t even have to dye they. It’s also rather longer. Marital Status: I’m fifteen. That doesn’t mean I’m not readily available! Status throughout the ML: frontrunner with the CotMoHW, The cousin of Ryoga Hibiki, while the passing Lord (^_^) of entrance 12 regarding the UGMA. [subbed since Sep./Oct. 97 or so, nearly all of they getting lurk-mode.] Affiliated Factions: CoHD, CotMoHW, UGMA, KTF, CoN. Nationality: I seriously have simply no hint. Fave artillery: Random razor-sharp items, quarterstaff, foreknuckle/duoknuckle/phoenix-eye fists, naginata. Fighting styles: Ishin-Ryu, Jujitsu, psuedo-Bok Pai, Pao Pat Mei, and a tremendously few Mein Ch’uan. I have have very little official trained in most of these, having mostly become milf hookups taught by acquaintences which DID have actually official training. Fave Ranma Figures: Mousse, Pantyhose Taro, Kumon Ryu, Ryoga Hibiki, Shampoo-chan, and Kodachi. Additional Anime: Record of Lodoss Battle, Urusei*Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Tenchi Muyo!, Fatal Fury, Nothing by Rumiko Takahashi, Slayers, Akira. I really could carry on. Place: Orlando, Fl, a.k.a Maybe Not A Location For Almost Any Smart Travellers Going Because It Truly Sucks Despite Every Commercialism. Occupation: Writer, Singer Appearance: Just picture Ryoga Hibiki. Got that? Good. Added eyeglasses on their face and increase the duration of his tresses. Alright, today change the clothing to combat boots, a black coat, brown pants, and a white t-shirt, and present him a white, leopard-spotted bandanna. Now visualize this in real life. You’ve got me. Favored estimate: “If you’re your, I then can not be you, can I? if you don’t’re me. ” –can’t keep in mind exactly who asserted that.

Name: Lee Bernardo Ratner Alias(es): Czarfire, Shah, merely Lee, Ratner Intercourse: men era: 17 Birthdate: Height: 5′ 6″ pounds: 130 pounds. vision: Brown locks: darkish Marital updates: Single ML condition: Philosopher since July ’97 Fav gun: Epee fencing blade Ethnicity: Russian-Jew, Turkish-Jew, Spanish-Jew, Austrian-Jew, American Occupation: scholar Location: Great Neck, NY


Label: XR-Kun aliases: [classified] reputation on ML: ML representative on active standing March-May 1997, Sep 1997-May 1998(Today Unsubbed) venue: [classified] Factions: Knighthood in the real Fiancee since summertime ’97

ML User Users

Identify: Ruben Adviento Rosario Alias(es): Luben-sama, Rankor gender: men (and quite often [don’t put that]) years: 24 Birthdate: level: 5′ 4″ lbs: 145 lbs attention: Brown tresses: dark relationship position: Single (gotta gf; that count?) condition on ML:

Faction Affiliations: N/A specialty tool: Heated Spatulas, (something) made from Akane’s home of soreness (except boiled water) Ethnic credentials: Filipino-American job: fulltime scholar 6th year, 1st 12 months in current college (Cal Poly Pomona [just transferred] ) area: l . a ., California

*Substantial collection of Anime OST on cds. Total value: $ (that’s how much cash I invested getting all of them [anyone bring BGC OST #4?] ).

*Other residential anime include OMG!, YUA, Gall Force series, BGCrisis, BGCrash, UY, Macross II, Macross benefit, Tenchi Muyo!, Koko Wa Greenwood, Slayers, and Projecto-Ako collection.

*Have selection of fansubbed anime including: Macross DYRL, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Marmalade Boy, KOR, Patlabor TV, Nausicaa, Laputa, Porco Rosso, town Hunter, videos woman Ai, et al. At this time dealing with obtaining SaberMarionette J, SaberMarionette R, Slayers optimal. (In addition signed on KOR television LD put preorder (excitedly awaiting that) ^ ^.

*My room is filled with anime memorabilia (the majority are from imported Ranma 1/2 Calendars from 1994-1997) including cel art, posters, idol cards, laminates, and Viz’s comic adapations of Ranma 1/2 (portion 1-5, all problem).

*Have the majority of the Ranma Nibunoichi (brought in) manga #1-12, 26-38; each one of movie lady Ai; every one of Taiho Shichauzo; all Mezon Ikkoku; causing all of Kimagure tangerine highway.

*My computer system has one hard-drive devoted (2.5 Gigs) to anime photographs, film films (*.mov, *.avi, *.mpeg), and mp3 sound data.

*My prized anime stuff is a Ranma Nibunoichi poster autographed by Takahashi Rumiko from the 1994 San Diego Comic Con (and) an image of Sasami autographed by Yokoyama Chisa from 1997 Anime Expo.

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