About Us

Tempe has no beach and the seafood restaurant is not that many. That is why a group of friends decided to establish a seafood restaurant here since they love seafood. They hired skilled and experienced cooks for the Mussel Men Seafood Restaurant.

It was established in 2001 and was chosen to be situated near the Tempe Beach Park. This is actually not a beach but a lake. It is just called as it is because of the sandy shore and it looks like a beach. But nonetheless, it offers scenic views just like any other beautiful beaches out there. Due to these characteristics, it served as a good backdrop for a seafood restaurant. Thus, it is near this beach where Mussel Men was built.

Mussel Men offers a large variety of seafood menus and a selection of other menu options aside from seafood such as meat, poultry, salad, desserts and a lot more. If you’re searching for a great seafood restaurant in Arizona, but don’t want to pay a high price, then look no further because the Mussel Men Seafood Restaurant is the right place to go. They offer here casual dining where the staff is trained to be professional yet friendly and bright. Also, the food is served deliciously, fresh and hot for a reasonable price. Mussel Men Seafood Restaurant always has a busy day due to the huge support of locals. With that situation alone, you can tell that we have the best and greatest seafood menu and services in Arizona. Our chefs are skilled. Each and every piece of the seafood dishes are cooks perfectly. They are tender and moist that melts in your mouth.

The mission of Mussel Men is to be the greatest seafood restaurant serving fresh, premium grade food to people. We offer our services such as catering for all kinds of events you may be planning and home delivery. To get the full details of our services, you contact us through a phone call or you can send us an email. Our friendly staff will let you know all the information you need.